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Many folk have really appreciated being able to put a name to a face in the church directory and access details when needed. There are however some new faces around church and we would like to make sure you are listed so we can get to know you! Also, if you are not getting notices and information, it would be good to get an email address to fix that. Please email the office. We are also looking for some folk who are prepared to take photos of new people for the directory and also update some of the old photos. Please speak to me. Sue AB


Note: Contact details such as telephone numbers and addresses have been removed in this version. If you need further information, please use the church directory or contact the office by phone during working hours or by email at any time.


Church notices: before Thursday 9.00am E-mail to office@maxwellmearns.org.uk If you don't receive a reply promptly, please send your email again.
Leave in Intimations pigeon hole on 1st floor of the Church Halls.
Loose inserts to the office by midday Thursday.