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Playgroup Restart

As Covid restrictions begin to loosen we are planning to recommence Playgroup on 13th July
Click here to see more details on how to book a place


Booking for Attending Services

The Eventbrite link is now open to register for worship from 28th March through the Sundays of April.
We shall have a cut-off for registering for Sunday worship at 11pm on the Thursday before worship.

(Those who are on AV, door duty and assisting in worship need to register also please.)

You will find access and essential information for BOOKING HERE and guidance for using Eventbrite when it is open again.

Minutes From 2021 Congregational Stated Annual Meeting 

Please find the draft minutes of the 2021 Stated Annual meeting at this link. We hope you find these interesting. 
If you were at the meeting, please read the minutes carefully and if there are any mistakes or omissions, contact Lorna Hamilton as soon as possible to have the minutes reviewed. You can contact Lorna on 0141 571 3884.

In order to approve the minutes with integrity at the 2022 meeting, we want to ensure they are accurate while we can still remember the meeting! Thanks for your help in this.


All our services are now streamed via YouTube

Go to YouTube and search for Maxwell Mearns Castle Church.

Important Safety Information

Maxwell Mearns Castle Church was built on a rock beside Mearns Castle in the early 1970s. As part of underpinning the building an area was created under the church on the solid rock, this has become known locally as the Caves.
The drop from this area into the woods is a sheer drop and very dangerous.
It is also an echo chamber of sound and the residents below the church can hear if anyone is under the church. Over the last 50 years’ children and teenagers have clambered through the woods or scrambled up the rock face to get to the Caves. However last summer this trend got worse and far more frequent with the neighbours below having to call the police three or four times a day.
The noise, underage drinking and smoking, urinating, graffiti and verbal abuse is unacceptable, and more importantly, those trying to access the caves have been putting themselves in real danger of a fall.
So as a church we had to act. We have now planted bushes and introduced ”nature piling” which has blocked access to the Caves from one side of the woods. The second remedy, suggested by the police, was anti-climb paint. This has now been applied to the rocks below the Caves to inhibit climbing and it also now covers the area directly under the church where individuals congregated.
We ask all who have previously gone to the Caves to stop this and we ask all parents who read this article to make sure their children are aware of the changes we’ve made.



Avoiding Covid-19 at MMCC

MMCC Response Assessment Team Read here